3 Ways to Having the
Best Study Abroad Experience

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A study abroad program is a life-changing experience for every student. By immersing oneself academically and culturally in an unfamiliar location, one grows both professionally and personally. Therefore, making the most of the study abroad experience is very important. In this video, Vedanth Maheshwari, our Institutional Relations Manager shares three ways to have the best study abroad experience.

Video Transcription

If you’re going for a study-abroad program this summer, you may be feeling a little anxious about venturing into an unfamiliar place where the locals might not even know your language. But don’t worry, just do this basic homework in advance which will make you feel more confident and assured during your stay in the host country. 

1. Learn Basic Phrases of the Local Language

If English is not the native language of the host country, try to learn a few basic phrases in the local language. For example, learning how to say hello, thank you, you’re welcome and other common phrases may be helpful when speaking with the locals as well as exploring the places around.

2. Create a Bucket List of Activities

Now during the program, your days will usually be packed with organization visits and other immersive experiences. However, you’ll get some free time too. So make sure to do your research and plan ahead for activities that you can do during your free time.

3. Embrace the Local Culture

Again, learn more about the host country you’re travelling to- their cuisines, languages, customs, and preferences in general. The more you learn about the host country, the less cultural shock you will experience. And you will be more willing to adapt to it.

Wish you a fulfilling and enriching experience. All the best!

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