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About Open-enrollment Programs

Our open-enrollment programs are exclusively designed by our academic experts to be delivered on fixed dates and in hand-picked locations. These programs typically include a well-defined curriculum, organization visits (if applicable), interactive speaker sessions, cultural immersions, and various support services for students. The open-enrollment programs can be delivered as internships or other program formats. The open-enrollment programs include both virtual and in-person programs.

We Deliver Different Types of Open-enrollment Programs

Learn about our open-enrollment programs that promote holistic growth and provide enriching experiences.

The internships offer meaningful, impactful, and high-quality academic projects that boost the employability of students. When the students apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations, they gain a deeper understanding of their subject as well as the local culture. We curate and manage appropriate projects in carefully vetted organizations that are aligned with the institutions’ vision and objectives.

Virtual Internship Experience (VIX) is a uniquely designed program that enables your development as a global citizen and professional by placing you on team-based projects with innovative enterprises in Asia. With 15-40 hours per week for 8 weeks from anywhere on projects that span a wide range of sectors and relate to business and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The internship includes a 30-hour course (Skills for Global Citizenship), mentoring by experiences professionals, career development support and access to an exclusive alumni network.

This program provides you with essential skills to start your own social enterprise or fulfil a leadership role in a social venture focusing on the base of the pyramid. The base of the pyramid refers to the poorest communities, living on less $10 a day. These communities not only account for a large segment of the world’s population, but also represent an enormous opportunity for inclusion into the global marketplace. Participants will work in teams on an idea for a new venture/product proposed by host social enterprises and develop plans for launching the idea.

India provides a knowledge-rich site for understanding the innovations that can be fostered to promote sustainable development. Social Impact+ Sustainable Development in India is Authentica’s in-house, unique program focusing on experiential learning within and outside the classroom, where students learn by doing, rather than being passive learners. Students will experience first-hand innovations that can be used to put the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into action.

Explore Our Open-enrollment Programs

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Savouring UK's Rich Heritage

Sustainable Development Goals in Action

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Diversity and Inclusion in Spanish Sports Culture

Sustainable Development Goals in Action

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Exploring Climate Change Solutions in South Korea

Sustainable Development Goals in Action


Social Innovation Lab

Sustainable Development Goals in Action

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Earth Action Lab

Sustainable Development Goals in Action

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Virtual Internship Experience (VIX)


Social Innovation Lab

Social Impact and Sustainable Development in India

Social Impact & Sustainable Development in India

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FAQs About Open-enrollment Programs

Open-enrollment programs provide several benefits such as convenience, structure, and support. Students or faculty/program directors do not have to spend time researching and arranging the program. It’s an off-the-shelf program that includes a robust curriculum. All one has to do is apply for the program.

The dates of the open-enrollment programs are usually fixed, but if the university wants to change the dates for a group of students, then it can be done. However, at this point, they will be treated as custom programs.

To choose the right program, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements. Check out the programs that are mentioned in detail and you can apply for anyone as per your background and interest area. If you’re still not sure, you can get in touch with us, and we will help you find the program that best suits your needs.

All our programs are executed in English. Students should be able to read, write, and speak English.

You can do a study program/internship virtually in case you can’t travel. Check out our Virtual Programs to know more about remote programs.