From bullock cart to Bentley, dabbawalas to dim sum mamas, river boat markets to gourmet grocery stores – no continent embraces the length and breadth of humanity quite like Asia does. South and South East Asia in particular are all about the drive to thrive, a pulsing, dynamic and engaging spirit that embraces that “can-do” attitude that has made this region an emerging power to reckon with. Each of our destinations is unique and engaging. Asian culture is a living, breathing, embodiment of our ethos of enrichment across each of our four distinct dimensions: Physically vivid and welcoming; Emotionally warm and embracing; Intellectually creative and stimulating; Spiritually evolved and awakening.



The name “Cambodia” is a derivation of Kambuja Desa, which means the country of Khmer myths and legends. What’s in a name? In eastern tradition, it can define your fate – and nowhere is this truer than in Cambodia.



From its roots in the Bronze Age civilizations of the Indus Valley, to its rise as a cutting-edge supplier of the world’s information technology, India’s instinct thrives on initiative. A melting pot of cultures and customs, aptitude and attitude, the art of doing business in India lies in one’s ability to cut through the chaos and carve out a notch amid our ramparts of diversity.



The island necklace of Indonesia is a melting pot of its own spice – 300 ethnic minorities in a topography that ranges from volcano to beach. It’s from this incredible heritage of ethnicity combined with economic acumen, and an abundance of rich natural resources, that Indonesia has emerged as a leader in Asia.



The futuristic skyline of Kuala Lumpur in the west gives way to the wild jungles of Malaysian Borneo to the east. Nowhere is Asia’s contradictory nature more pronounced than here. Multiple ethnicities. Dual disparate landmasses. One country. Malaysia is a study in contrast.



It’s hard to believe that one tiny island can rule the roost in South East Asia, but Singapore is just that – a pearl in the Indian Ocean that shimmers at the top of the heap. A startling microcosm of Asian culture and European influences, it is a Pandora’s box of commerce, ethnicity, cuisine, science, technology, and education.



Tropical paradise or tumultuous politics – what defines Thailand more? The Asian Elephant is the national symbol and depending on her mood, the Thai tusker either lumbers or charges.



Exotic. Exquisite. Elite. The United Arab Emirates consists of seven jewels, which form its crown: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras-al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm-ul Quwain.



Vietnam is a sliver of tropic in the sun. From north to south, it borders every country in South East Asia. But to really sink your teeth into the Asian Tiger, you need to ride its rivers – the Red River and the Mekong all the way to its deltas, to discover how the Vietnamese really live.

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