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The two main components of service-learning programs are “service” and “learning”, therefore, the students get an opportunity to learn by doing community service. Service-learning programs are focused on projects that provide an opportunity for the participants to enhance the lives of the community members. The programs are enriched by interactive workshops, design-thinking activities, hands-on fieldwork, and facilitated reflection sessions. They also enrich the participants’ lives on all four dimensions- physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

The service-learning projects are hand-picked to ensure that they advance one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals. These projects also help students build cross-cultural competence as they live in the community and get a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of the locals. It also helps them develop empathy as they become more compassionate and responsible citizens. The students are also able to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they identify challenges, and ideate/create solutions to address them.

The service-learning programs can either be available as custom or featured programs, depending upon the requirement of the institution.

Key Elements of Service-Learning Program

Community Service

The projects are designed to address the challenges faced by the given community.

Advancing UN SDGs

The projects are aimed at advancing one or more UN SDGs.

Expert Lectures

Speakers share their journey and knowledge in their respective fields and interact with students.

Active Engagement

Students live in the community to gain firsthand knowledge of the needs and challenges of the locals.

Cultural Immersions

Immersive experiences that allow students to embrace and engage with local culture.

Reflection Sessions

Facilitated reflection sessions encourage students to reflect upon the experiences they had on the program, and how the experiences have impacted them.

Human-Centred Design Summit in India v2

Human-Centred Design Summit in India

  •   India  
  • Sustainable Development Goals in Action

    Diversity and Inclusive Education in Nepal v2

    Diversity and Inclusive Education in Nepal

  •   Nepal  
  • Sustainable Development Goals in Action

    Fabric of Empowerment: Women & Textiles in India

    Fabric of Empowerment: Women & Textiles in India

  •   India  
  • Sustainable Development Goals in Action

    Social Impact and Sustainable Development in India

    Social Impact & Sustainable Development in India

    What Our Students and Faculty are Saying

    FAQs About Service-Learning Program

    Service-learning programs outside your familiar environment will help you know and understand the challenges faced by communities in other parts of the world. By living in a community with a different cultural setting, you will also be able to overcome the inhibitions of meeting and working with new people and develop empathy and cross-cultural competence.

    While service-learning and volunteering have a lot in common, the basic difference is that in the service-learning program, you are studying and volunteering at the same time.

    You can choose your desired destination from the list of locations provided they have service-learning programs in those locations.

    No. Service-learning programs are available for various disciplines like Business, Education, STEM, and healthcare. Check out our disciplines page to know more.

    No. College graduates, professionals, and non-traditional participants are also welcome to apply for our service-learning programs.

    Authentica usually covers more than one host organization for the program. As a faculty/program director, if you want to consider a specific host organization, please share the details in the Enquire Now form and we will get back to you shortly.

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