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Faculty-led programs are a curated blend of intellectual and cultural experiences based on unique and relevant themes. We collaborate with the faculty to arrange engaging and pertinent visits, interactive workshops by subject matter experts, and immersive cultural experiences. The program’s goal is to help students achieve faculty-envisioned learning objectives while creating meaningful experiences for themselves.

Faculty-led programs include visits to organizations where students get real-world insights by learning about the organization’s vision, strategies, and operations. The students will also have the opportunity to attend interactive sessions where subject matter experts will dive deep into the topics that are aligned with the program’s theme. Our programs also enable students to immerse themselves culturally and spiritually. By living in a new cultural setting, students gain a better understanding of the local customs, traditions, and way of life. The faculty-led programs can either be available as custom or featured programs, depending upon the requirement of the institution.

Key Elements of Faculty-Led Programs

Organization Visits

They showcase the vision, strategy, and modus operandi of diverse organizations and their impact on society.


Expert Lectures

Speakers share their journey and knowledge in their respective fields and interact with students.

Cultural Immersions

Immersive experiences that allow students to embrace and engage with local culture.

Interactive Workshops

Learn a new language or cook a new recipe, or dance a new form, the workshops will help you gain cross-cultural competence.

Reflection Sessions

Facilitated reflection sessions encourage students to reflect upon the experiences they had on the program, and how the experiences have impacted them.

Scavenger Hunt

A fun and engaging activity that helps students learn about and acclimatize to their study-abroad location.

Marina Barrage Singapore

Start-Up Trek in Singapore

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    Innovation and Excellence in Japan

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    AI, Analytics, and Data Dynamics in Chinese Economy

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    Thailand - Location Page

    Healthcare Internship in Thailand

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    UK 3

    Health and Human Performance in UK and France

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  •   France  
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    South Korea Images

    Leading Education Reform in South Korea

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    The Market-Leninism Model in Vietnam

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    Netherland Banner

    Mental Health and Counselling in Netherlands

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    Marina Bay Sands Singapore

    Exploring Singapore's SME Landscape

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    Philippines Banner

    The Remarkable Rise of the Philippines’ Economy

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    FAQs About Faculty-Led Program

    Certainly. Our team, including academic experts, will help you design and develop the program. From suggesting organizations/NGOs/communities for student visits to recommending the places/activities for cultural immersion, our experts will help you create a holistic program that is enriching and meaningful for your students and you.

    Please speak to the program director of your institution to know if there are any limitations to their participation and to get an idea of the guest fee. Authentica would be more than happy to help accommodate your family on the program.

    We recommend starting at least 9 to 12 months prior to departure to plan and prepare a well-laid-out program schedule. However, be sure to connect with your study abroad office and check if their timelines are aligned.

    Although Authentica is a full-service organization that includes the designing and delivering of the programs, however, if you do not need content support, we’re happy to support you only with the operations and delivery of the program.

    Yes. Our staff and/or partners will ascertain that the program runs smoothly without any glitches, which includes ensuring a comfortable stay, providing meals on time (the ones included in the schedule), getting timely transportation, etc. Most importantly, our staff has also been certified by the Red Cross in first-aid emergency training. In case of an emergency, measures will be taken in real-time.

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    Our faculty-led programs can be customized to meet your requirements. If you are looking for a tailored program for your institution, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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