Mental Health and Counselling in Netherlands

Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Program Overview

The Netherlands is one of the top-performing countries in the world in the field of healthcare. The country’s healthcare system is ranked second out of 11 high-income countries by the Commonwealth Fund and the Netherlands is known for its universal and excellent standard of healthcare. The government notes that its mental healthcare is fully integrated with its healthcare system and family therapy is officially recognized as a form of psychotherapy in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has placed a strong emphasis on community-based mental healthcare services throughout the twenty-first century. Mental health awareness and activism has gained traction in the Netherlands due to non-profit groups and mental health advisories, resulting in less stigma surrounding mental illness. This program will enable students to explore the various aspects of group counselling in the Netherlands by interacting with social welfare organizations focusing on mental health, educational institutions, counsellors and experts in group counselling centres. Students will visit unique museums and institutions focusing on mental health. In addition, students will be exposed to the open-minded and progressive culture of the Dutch through visits to picturesque canals, windmills, and world-renowned craftmanship.

Key Program Elements

  • Visit the organizations specializing in counselling and group therapy.

  • Interact with social organizations focusing on mental health and network associations in healthcare.

  • Meet with experts in mental health organizations.
  • Learn from academic researchers and experts in educational institutions.

  • Interact with organizations promoting well-being in the corporate sector.

  • Visit cultural places related to mental health and well-being.

Suitable Disciplines


Cultural Studies



Public Health

Social Sciences


Featured Cultural Experiences

Museum Van De Geest Netherlands

Museum Van De Geest (Museum of the Mind)

Amsterdam Walking City Tour Netherlands

Amsterdam Walking City Tour/Amsterdam Bike Tour

Verzets Resistance Museum Netherlands

Verzets Resistance Museum

Anne Frank House Netherlands

Anne Frank House

Canal Tour Netherlands

Canal Tour

Active Learning Models

Personal and Professional Development:

Students will gain a deep understanding of the healthcare system and mental health landscape in the Netherlands, enhancing their knowledge of global healthcare practices. Through interactions with various experts from the mental health ecosystem, students will develop invaluable networking skills and insights into potential career paths in healthcare, counselling, and mental health advocacy.

Critical Thinking Skills:

Through visits to counselling centers, interactions with experts, and exposure to academic research, students will learn to analyze complex issues surrounding mental health, evaluate different approaches to group counselling, and critically reflect on the cultural and social factors influencing mental health care delivery.

Cross-Cultural Skills:

Immersion in Dutch culture and interactions with local organizations will foster students’ cross-cultural competence. By experiencing firsthand the open-minded and progressive culture of the Netherlands, students will develop empathy, cultural sensitivity, and communication skills necessary for effective cross-cultural collaboration in diverse professional settings.

Purpose & Clarity:

This program offers students a unique opportunity to clarify their personal and professional goals in the context of mental health and well-being. By engaging with organizations promoting well-being in the corporate sector, visiting cultural places related to mental health, and participating in group discussions and reflections, students will gain clarity about their values, interests, and aspirations in contributing to mental health advocacy and community well-being.


Day 1: Arrival in Amsterdam + Hotel Check-in

Arrival in Amsterdam and transfer to hotel on own

Day 2: Museum + City Tour + Welcome Dinner

  • Morning: Visit to the museum Van De Geest
  • Afternoon: Amsterdam walking/bike tour (optional)
  • Evening: Welcome Dinner

Day 3 to 6: Business Visits

Full day business visits

Day 7: Business Visit + Free Time

  • Morning: Business Visit
  • Afternoon: Free Time

Day 8: Museum + Anne Frank House+ Farewell Dinner

  • Morning: Visit the museum
  • Afternoon: Visit Anne Frank House
  • Evening: Farewell dinner

Day 9: Checkout & Departure

Checkout and airport transfer on own

Pricing & Inclusions

COST: $3570/ PERSON (single occupancy)

*COST: $2300/ PERSON (twin-sharing)

*Please note that the cost of our programs may vary depending upon several factors, including but not limited to the size of the group, program inclusions, the number of program days and more. Kindly contact us for a customized quote that suits your specific requirements.

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