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Affordability and Access: Strategies to Manage Rising Costs of Study Abroad

Affordability and Access: Strategies to Manage Rising Costs of Study Abroad

Dear International Educators,

A very warm welcome to you to another edition of the newsletter. March had been a busy month for us. We’ve proudly orchestrated several successful study abroad programs in captivating destinations such as Singapore, Australia, the UAE, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and the Netherlands. These programs did not only offer invaluable academic insights but also provided immersive cultural experiences that have left a lasting impact on our participants. Before we discuss this month’s newsletter theme, I cordially invite you to meet me during the upcoming NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo in Louisiana.

During our meeting, I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions on key issues surrounding study abroad such as combating rising costs, advancing sustainability goals through innovative programs, enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and demonstrating employability outcomes through global experiences.

If you’re interested in connecting with me at the conference, please use the link below to schedule a meeting: Schedule a Meeting

In this edition of the newsletter, we will discuss one of the most pressing challenges facing study abroad programs today: rising costs in global education. Under the theme “Affordability and Access: Strategies to Manage Rising Costs of Study Abroad,” we will explore innovative strategies aimed at minimizing cost and maximizing quality of study abroad programs. With this, we can ensure high-quality, affordable programs remain accessible to all.

We invite you to join us in this important conversation and explore the wealth of insights offered in this edition of our newsletter.

Affordability and Access: Strategies to Manage Rising Costs of Study Abroad

In this newsletter edition, our articles will dive into effective strategies to combat the soaring costs of study abroad programs without compromising their quality. Making enriching study abroad experiences accessible to everyone, regardless of means, requires prioritizing affordability. We will discuss topics such as the importance of having diverse pool of providers, crafting innovative curriculum, emphasizing experiential learning, and more, all aimed at keeping program costs affordable while upholding high quality.

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