Making Study-Abroad Programs an Enriching Experience for Students

In the video, Ravi Raj, founder & CEO of Authentica, highlights effective strategies for enhancing experiential learning in study abroad programs. The video serves as a guide for educators to make these programs transformative and enriching for students.

Video Transcription

Ravi Raj: Experiential learning programs are a defining moment in the personal and professional journeys of students. These programs broaden their horizons and shape their perspectives for years to come. It is a life changing experience for them. In another video, I have shared some insights on how as an international educator, you can ensure a safe and seamless study abroad experience for your academic programs. In this video, I’ll discuss how you can create an environment for the students to fully embrace the program academically, culturally, and personally. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals:

1. Engage in Active Learning

Ravi Raj: The theory of experiential learning hinges on learning by doing. So, make sure to make the academic teaching as interactive as possible. Incorporate field trips, interactive workshops or projects into the program, as active learning will help them gain a deeper understanding of their subject.

2. Make Cultural Immersions Enjoyable

Ravi Raj: Encourage students to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and participate in local cultural activities. You can arrange a local dance or cooking class, which can be a joyful learning experience for them. For instance, in our recent program in South Korea, the students and the faculty loved learning to dance to the beats of K-pop music. These hands-on experiences make students more appreciative of the local culture.

3. Arrange Reflection Sessions

Ravi Raj: Studying in another country can be emotionally intense for students. When they are exposed to different, unfamiliar cultures and perspectives, there’s a profound impact on their worldview. By facilitating a reflection session, you can enable them to analyze their reactions, assumptions, and biases in a safe space. It deepens their understanding of the world so that they can become well-rounded citizens.

4. Make Room for Flexibility

Ravi Raj: Education abroad programs are usually jam-packed with academic visits and cultural immersions. But try to make room for students to explore the local areas by themselves. They can explore their surroundings and uncover hidden gems in the host country, but of course, their safety should be a top priority.

Ravi Raj: As an international educator, you play a pivotal role in making study abroad programs a wholesome experience for students. Hope your next study-abroad program is enriching and meaningful for your students as well as for you. All the best!

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