Frequently Asked Questions

The Internship Program

Internships that are done online and remotely are called Virtual Internships. Interns work on projects whose scope and deliverables are identified before or at the start of the internship.
We currently offer 2 variations of Virtual Internship experience (VIX):

  • VIX Lite: which includes guaranteed placement, orientation and training for remote working, certificate of completion and letter of reference. Refer to Pricing Page for further details
  • VIX: in addition to the inclusions in VIX Lite, this variation also provides: Mentoring Sessions, Project Management and Career Development Support, Course on soft skills development and Virtual Cultural Immersions. Refer to Pricing Page for further details.

Undergraduate and graduate students of all nationalities from various academic backgrounds are eligible for the virtual internship program. The applicants can be graduates or a student in good standing with their university with a minimum of 2.5 GPA (or its equivalent.)

The interns will be working on real-time projects that are of strategic importance to the host organizations. The projects will have well-defined objectives and outcomes so you have absolute clarity on what is to be accomplished.

Projects span a wide range of sectors including (but not limited to):

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Coding
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Business

To know more about the projects, visit here.

  • Authentica uses state-of-the-art collaboration tools and technologies that allow you to create and manage projects, share files, chat with various stakeholders, find all the project related information, request/schedule calls with mentors and teammates, etc. The platforms will also allow interns to submit their work and receive feedback from their supervisors.
  • The orientation session will familiarize the interns with these tools and technologies before the start of the internship
  • We will also support the interns on an ongoing basis with these tools
  • Authentica helps interns better prepare for their internship by providing mentorship and support by experienced industry experts and management consultants. The mentors will also help interns think through challenges you might face during the project so you can achieve your project goals
  • Mentors will make their calendars available to the intern to request/schedule a session with them

: This is not applicable for the VIX Lite option

  • Authentica will help you with relevant documentation so you can apply for academic credit with your university. We’ll also be happy to talk to your academic services department and provide them with the necessary details.

: This is not applicable for the VIX Lite option

  • No, our internships are designed to upskill applicants by placing them on projects that will provide them with real-world experience. They will also have a dedicated project supervisor helping them understand the processes and work ethics essential for working with organizations.

Most of our virtual internship placements are international, but we might be able to find the applicants a local internship if they so desire. We have strong relationships in various countries with organizations that will give interns a powerful professional experience.

Enrollment Process

Authentica only asks for the information necessary to facilitate the internships. We also provide a safe and secure platform to maintain the privacy of enrolled students.

  • Candidates are required to fill in the application form on our website.
  • Authentica advises all the candidates to submit their most recent qualifications (CV/Courses/Certifications)
  • Upon submission, candidates will receive a link for submitting a video interview
  • Once the video interview is reviewed, applicants will receive communication on whether or not the application is successful. If accepted, applicants will be required to pay a deposit to secure the internship placement.
  • Upon receiving the deposit, we will place the applicants with an appropriate team and project that matches stated preferences.
  • To accept the placement, applicants will be required to pay the balance amount.
  • Upon receiving the balance payment, Authentica will introduce interns to their team, project, and supervisor to facilitate onboarding on to the company and project.

The candidates will have to record and submit their video responses to questions on a video interview platform, details of which will be provided on submission of application. These responses will help us assess the candidates’ competencies and ensure that we will be able to find a suitable project that matches with the candidates’ career goals.

Yes, once candidates are placed into the program, they will have 2 weeks to submit two references – ideally one academic and one professional. If that combination is not possible, the candidate can submit two academic references.

Candidates will be accepted based on the strength of their application and their references.

Matching Process

Once the application has been accepted, Authentica will offer 1 to 3 internship choices that best match the candidate’s preferences and career goals. The candidate can choose the project that they would most like to work on.

Authentica will create a diverse team from the pool of applicants based on project needs, candidate background and host company inputs. Teammates will be other university students, providing a great opportunity to leverage individual strengths, develop team work skills and make new friends! In some cases, either due to company briefing or project scope, candidates might be staffed on some projects by themselves.

To better prepare interns for the virtual internship, we will host an orientation session that will explain the internship process and provide training on the tools and technologies at their disposal during the course of the internship. We will also initiate the first meeting with the teammates and the project supervisor.

Program Cost

  • There is no cost to apply, but if the application is accepted, a 20% deposit is due before we start matching applicants to available placement opportunities. Once presented with the options, candidates can accept and confirm their desired placement by paying the balance fees.
  • Refer to the Pricing page for details on various internship options.
  • If we are unable to find a suitable placement within two weeks of receiving the deposit, 100% of the total fees paid will be refunded
  • If cancellation happens within two weeks of paying the deposit, there will be no refund
  • If cancellation happens after paying the balance but before one week of the internship start date, 50% of the total fees paid will be refunded
  • If cancellation happens after paying the balance but within one week of the internship start date, 20% of the total fees paid will be refunded
  • If cancellation happens after the internship starts, there will be no refund
  • Yes, we offer group discounts. Refer to the Pricing page for details. We also offer referral discounts. When an applicant signs up for the program through a referral, both the referrer and referee will get 10% off their program fees.

The cancellation policy remains same for individuals and groups.