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Study Abroad Programs

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Study-abroad programs provide students with an opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone. By immersing themselves academically and culturally in a new cultural setting, they are bound to have an experience of a lifetime. However, traveling to a different destination can also be confusing in terms of what to pack for study abroad programs! In this video, Siddhanth Waghmare, our program manager, shares an essential packing list for study abroad programs that you must consider before filling your suitcases. 

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The summer break is just around the corner and soon you’ll be travelling to a new destination for your study-abroad program. So, consider these essentials when packing for the program.

1. Know the Weather Conditions of the Program Destination

Do some research about the weather conditions of the country you’ll be travelling to and carry accordingly. For example, if it’s hot, consider carrying hats, sunscreens and light, breathable fabric clothes. If it’s cold and breezy, carry a light windcheater. If it’s rainy, carry an umbrella or a raincoat.

2. Go-to Hygiene Products

You might be staying in a hotel where the toiletries will be provided but you must carry the go-to hygiene products like facial wipes, hand sanitisers, sanitary products and more, which you might require when you are outdoors.

3. Pack your Footwear Wisely

Check your itinerary to know which places you’ll be visiting. Consider carrying comfortable sports shoes for casual tours and formal shoes for business visits or formal dinners.

4. Keep Some Local Currency Handy

While you may be carrying cards that work internationally, it’s always good to carry some local currency cash if you want to shop or enjoy local delicacies.

5. Photocopies of Important Documents

It’s always important to carry photocopies and digital copies of your original documents like passport, visa, travel insurance, visa, medical prescriptions (if required) and others. They might come in handy, just in case any of your document gets lost or stolen.

Wish you a fulfilling and great learning experience. All the best!

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