Exploring Climate Change Solutions in South Korea

Embark on a 2-week climate solutions journey in South Korea

January 4 – 18, 2025
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September 30, 2024

AUD $3790/US $2470

Undergraduate Students

Study Abroad in South Korea

Programme Overview

Embark on a dynamic 2-week study abroad program in South Korea, a nation at the forefront of addressing global climate change challenges. This immersive two-week program will explore the multifaceted dimensions of climate action in South Korea, ranging from community-based initiatives to innovative technologies.

Witness firsthand the country’s strides in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and eco-friendly practices and learn how the country is committed to sustainability through its national agenda. The program will provide a holistic understanding of South Korea’s approach to climate change, examining policy frameworks, community engagement models, and technological advancements aimed at addressing climate change in South Korea. Through interactive sessions, site visits, and engagements with local experts, you will critically evaluate the advancement of sustainable development goals and solutions to climate change in South Korea, positioning yourself as agents of positive change. The immersion will not only deepen your knowledge of climate issues but also foster personal and professional growth by cultivating skills essential for effective action in the global arena. Join us on this transformative immersion to explore the intersection of environmental consciousness, policy innovation, and community resilience in the captivating landscape of South Korea.

Key Programme Elements

Gain Key Insights from South Korea’s Model of Sustainability.

  • Analyse the effectiveness of actions related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in addressing climate challenges.
  • Visit various eco-parks and projects in South Korea.
  • Observe and interact with locals on their efforts on sustainable practices.
  • Discussions with experts on the policy changes that South Korea has made.

Build Skills to Become a Leader in the Field of Sustainability.

  • Support NGOs and organisations addressing climate change in South Korea
  • Develop skills to take action for sustainability by reflecting on our own actions
  • Create podcast/video to showcase learning and awareness that you have developed during this study immersion

Hands-on Experience of Korean Culture

  • Visit historical places like Gyeongbokgung Palace and traditional houses in Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Attend workshop on famous K-pop dance and Korean style cooking
  • Stay at Golgulsa Temple and experience of learning Sunmudo

UN Sustainable Development Goals in Action for this Program

SDG 4: Quality Education: By providing participants with a unique learning experience and hands-on insights into climate change studies, the programme contributes to quality education.

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy: Understanding the transition towards a low-carbon energy landscape and exploration of South Korea’s advancements in renewable energy.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: By visiting cutting-edge renewable energy facilities, participants gain insights into technological advancements and innovation in the pursuit of sustainable infrastructure.

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities: Emphasising the balance between urban development and environmental stewardship, an analysis of Seoul’s sustainable urban planning and green infrastructure highlights its contribution to sustainable cities and communities.

SDG 13: Climate Action: Contributing to global efforts to address climate action, the programme focuses on an in-depth exploration of climate change challenges, mitigation strategies, and international cooperation.

SDG 15: Life on Land: Understanding the impact of climate change on diverse environments and ecosystems in South Korea contributes to discussions around biodiversity and life on land.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals – Collaborating with local communities and organisations during volunteer activities fosters partnerships for sustainable development and community empowerment.

Programme Snapshot

South Korea

AUD $3790/US $2470

Undergraduate Students

Sustainability, Development Studies, Environmental science, Geography, Geology, Business, STEM, Law, Public Policy, Development Economics, Journalism, International Relations

Programme Date
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January 4 – 18, 2025
September 30, 2024
August 31, 2024
June 21- July 4, 2025
March 31, 2025
February 28, 2025
January 3 to 16, 2026
September 30, 2025
August 31, 2025

Programme Highlights

Learning Outcomes

Comprehensive Understanding of Climate Change Dynamics

Understand the scientific foundations and global implications of climate change, including its causes, impacts, and the interconnectedness of environmental systems.

Insight into South Korea's Climate Change Initiatives

Gain insights into South Korea’s proactive role in climate change research and mitigation, including the exploration of specific strategies, policy frameworks, technological advancements, and community engagement initiatives.

Practical Knowledge through Site Visits

Engaging in immersive field trips to relevant institutions, research centers, and projects actively contributing to climate change research and mitigation efforts will provide participants with practical, hands-on knowledge and a real-world perspective on the challenges and solutions.

Informed Analysis of Global Climate Change Challenges

Through expert lectures, interactions with climate researchers, and discussions on an international level, participants will be equipped to analyse and discuss global climate change challenges, connecting their understanding to broader issues and contributing to informed dialogues on potential solutions.

Sample Itinerary

*Please note that the itinerary is provided as a sample and is subject to modifications.


AUD $3790/US $2470

What’s Included:

Pre-departure sessions

Relevant lectures and workshops

Meetings and site visits with host organisations

Community engagement activities and cultural immersions

Housing on twin-share basis

All breakfasts, 2 lunches, welcome and farewell dinners

Airport transfers, activity, and meal transfers

24X7 Support

What’s Excluded:

FAQs About the Programme

Once you’ve filled out your details in the “Apply Now” form, we’ll review your application thoroughly. If we think you’re a suitable candidate, we will get in touch with you and make you an offer to join the program. Upon your payment of the programme deposit, your admission process will be finalised, and you will be officially enrolled in the programme.

This firsthand experience will provide you with a profound comprehension of environmental challenges and innovative strategies to tackle them. Additionally, the programme prioritises personal and professional growth, equipping you with vital skills for effective global action. This emphasis enhances your employability and empowers you to drive meaningful change in your future career pursuits.

We prioritise the dietary needs and allergies of our participants when planning our program. To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, we ask participants to inform us of any dietary requirements beforehand, allowing us to make necessary arrangements in advance.

During the program, you’ll have abundant networking opportunities with fellow participants, local experts, and professionals engaged in climate action and sustainability initiatives in South Korea. Through interactive sessions, site visits, and engagements with experts, you’ll build connections within the field, fostering collaborations and exchanges of ideas.

The safety of our participants is our top priority. We provide comprehensive safety briefings, 24/7 emergency support, and ensure accommodations and activities adhere to high safety standards. The programme group will be accompanied by the Authentica team member(s), who will be available 24×7 during the   programme. They have also been certified by the Red Cross in first-aid emergency training.  In case of an emergency, measures will be taken in real-time.

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