Earth Action Lab

Taking Action on Climate Change and Biodiversity

Malaysia and the Sustainable Development Goal

Program Overview

This program will provide you with the opportunity to to address issues related to climate change and biodiversity loss in Malaysia while promoting targeted UN SDGs. You will:

  • Participate in advocacy activities to promote action at the national level
  • Acquire concepts and tools to analyze the nature of climate change and biodiversity loss, and engage in responsible and impactful activism to bring about transformative change
  • Work with organizations and local communities on projects to promote the UN SDGs
  • Interact with policy makers, innovators and leaders of organizations focusing on climate change Malaysia

Key Program Elements

For Interactive Workshops
Interactive workshops to help you develop skills for:
  • Understanding the basics of the Climate Change and Biodiversity
  • Effective strategies for implementing the SDGs
  • Promoting UN SDGs Goal 13: Climate Action
  • Making change happen
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Panel sessions with academics and experts will help you understand:
  • Current socio-political and economic factors in the country
  • Introduction to advocacy and climate action
Group Project Work
Project work with inspiring host organizations will help you build:
  • Team work and collaboration skills
  • Empathy, design and prototyping skills
  • Stakeholder communication skills
  • Courage and commitment to start and complete challenging projects

Learning Outcomes

Critically evaluate the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss at the local level and analyze ways to effectively implement selected SDGs

Gain a heightened awareness of how you can become an agent of environmental change, respond to the needs of local communities, and adapt to different and dynamic socio economic contexts

Design sustainable solutions for climate change and biodiversity issues through creative thinking, focusing on social impact, and building effective coalitions to tackle social and economic issues

Acquire the appropriate knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for advocacy

Cultivate leadership skills, intercultural competence, eco-literacy and empathy

Suitable Disciplines


Environmental Sciences




Health Sciences


Humanities and Communication Arts



Social Sciences

Contact Hours

100 hours of Work Integrated Learning:

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