My Experience Studying Abroad in India

My Experience Studying Abroad
in India

Hey there, fellow adventurers! I’m Julia Urban, a business information technology enthusiast from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans on my recent whirlwind study abroad escapade in vibrant and enchanting India. Get ready for a journey that blends the hustle of Mumbai’s urban chaos with the serenity of rural Pal, sprinkled with a dash of spice from Agra, the Taj Mahal, and the flavours of the Molecule Rooftop Bar.

The Goldfinch Hotel and Mumbai Madness

Picture this —my first night staying in Mumbai, at my room in the Goldfinch Hotel. My hotel room’s balcony boasted a view of Mumbai’s bustling apartments, setting the stage for a series of adventures that would redefine my concept of “normal.” The chaotic yet exhilarating streets, packed with tuk-tuks, fearless motorcyclists, and carefree cyclists, felt like a carnival ride without the safety bars. Oh, and let’s not forget the aromatic and massive dosa that swept me off my feet — a foodie’s dream come true.

Navigating Mumbai’s Wild Side

Hold onto your hats, folks! The scariest part of my Mumbai saga was an adrenaline-fueled bike ride through the wild jungle of traffic. Rules? What rules? The roads were a canvas of chaos, painted with the vibrant strokes of city life. Dodging tuk-tuks, swerving past motorcycles, and weaving through other fearless cyclists — it was like participating in a high-stakes video game, and I was the protagonist.

Studying Abroad in India
A picture snapped from the back of a tuk-tuk in Mumbai
Studying Abroad in India
A busy street in Agra

Elephanta Island Extravaganza

The team on our boat journey to Elephanta

Now, for the grand spectacle — the tour of Elephanta Island. The boat ride from Mumbai, cruising past the iconic Gateway of India, was a cinematic experience. And when we landed on the island, it was like stepping into a different world adorned with awe-inspiring sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. Talk about a cultural immersion that transcended the ordinary!

Pal’s Rustic Charm and Heartfelt Connections

Our tailor-fitted saris

Shifting gears from the urban jungle to rural simplicity, my journey took me to Pal — a super rural haven. Interacting with the locals, especially the kiddos, was an emotional rollercoaster. Amidst the simplicity, I discovered the profound beauty of meaningful connections and the richness that lies in the hearts of those who call Pal home.

Our digital literacy skills workshops for the high school girls in Pal
The Adivasi women greeting us all

Taj Mahal Marvel and Culinary Chronicles

Taj Mahal, India

No Indian adventure is complete without a rendezvous with the Taj Mahal — an architectural masterpiece that left me spellbound. And when it came to culinary escapades, the Molecule Rooftop Bar and its amazing cocktails and Taste sutra cooking lessons added an explosion of flavours to my journey, making my taste buds do a happy dance.

Our digital literacy skills workshops for the high school girls in Pal

In the end, studying abroad in India wasn’t just a checkbox on my academic journey — it was a kaleidoscope of experiences, challenges, and triumphs that reshaped my worldview. I’m beyond grateful for the chance to share these tales with you, and I hope my adventures inspire you to embrace the unexpected, savour the diverse flavours of life, and embark on your unique journey.

Thanks for riding the Mumbai Magic Express with me!

Julia Urban

Julia Urban

Hello, I'm Julia Urban, a spirited business information technology enthusiast currently pursuing a 4-year bachelor’s degree in business information technology at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. My academic journey is fuelled by a deep passion for the dynamic intersection of business and technology. As a believer in continuous self-development, I am committed to personal growth and learning. This commitment extends beyond the classroom, encompassing a holistic approach to life.

Embracing each day with joy and purpose, I strive to make meaningful contributions to the fields of business and technology. Looking forward, my professional goals align with leveraging my skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the realm of business information technology. I aspire to contribute innovative solutions that bridge the gap between business needs and technological advancements, propelling organizations forward. In my downtime, you'll often find me immersed in a good book, honing my writing skills, or exploring new dance forms. Here's to embracing the adventure with enthusiasm and determination!