Speaker Series

Our speaker series provides students with a view into the innovative work of various organizations across Asia. Students will meet leaders who have charted a new path towards sustainability, social entrepreneurship and development. The current crisis may not enable students to engage with such unique individuals on the ground, but they can certainly benefit from their experience through online sessions. These sessions can be tailored to fit classroom teaching and be integrated into the curriculum for lively exchanges.

Real People Making Real Impact: Innovative Paths to Sustainability in Asia

This speaker series would feature grassroots organizations across Asia that are forging new paths to sustainability. These organizations are implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in unique and practical ways. The sessions would be carefully designed to enable students to reflect on the impact of these organizations, their challenges, and the learning we can draw from their experiences.

How to Create a Massive Transformative Movement

Mr. Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organization, Singapore

Participants will learn how this successful social entrepreneur-led the movement to put Singapore on the “world map” by taking the initiative to provide clean public toilets. Founded on 19 November 2001, the World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a global non-profit committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. Mr. Jack Sim has a Masters in Public Administration from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and sits on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils (GAC) for Water Security and Social Entrepreneurship. His story is available on Amazon Prime Video, Mr. Toilet.

 September 16, 2020

– 10 am-11 am Eastern

Social Entrepreneurship to Provide Practical Sanitation Solutions

Mr. Rajiv Kher, Managing Director, Saraplast, India

Meet the founder of Saraplast, a company that has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative and the Department for International Development, UK. This innovative social enterprise works on the innovative idea of leasing out the toilets to whoever needs them and follows it up with the maintenance as well. They work with NGOs, municipalities, and companies to set up portable toilets at un-served sites. Learn how Rajeev put this idea into action to establish following his MBA and an internship in the US, and gain insights into social entrepreneurship. Rajeev is also a TEDx Speaker.

 September 30, 2020

 9 am- 10 am Eastern

Smart and Sustainable Cities: A case study from South Korea

Alberto G Perera, RIBA, COAM, Reg. Architect  &  Urban Planner (left)

Dr. Hwan Yong Kim, Professor at Hanyang University, South Korea. (right)

During these challenging times, the use of technology and the pursuit of sustainability are no longer news in the way our cities operate. In fact, as urban dwellers, we are mandated to be constantly connected to the latest updates, those being related to public health, weather, transportation, or community issues. The Korean city of Songdo has often been referred to as an example of how challenging it is pioneering urban smartness for a greenfield development; however, little to none attention has been paid to its performance in terms of pragmatic urban strategies. Beyond hype marketing or harsh criticism, this webinar will look at the latest smart and sustainable initiatives taking place in this 10-years old city now housing over 170,000 people.

October 14, 2020

9 am – 10 am Eastern

Promoting clean technologies by supporting small businesses in India: A focus on implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Priyadarshini Karve, CEO, Samuchit Enviro Tech, India

Focusing on providing environment friendly tools for individuals and small businesses, Samuchit has pioneered a number of products such as at source organic waste management technologies, an easy to use carbon footprint calculator app for personal use, etc. Dr. Karve would outline the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in India and highlight innovative products developed by Samuchit that can help small businesses in India. Dr. Karve has a PhD in Physics and was awarded the World Technology Award 2005 by World Technology Network, New York. She’s also a TEDx Speaker.

– October 28, 2020

10 am -11 am Eastern

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