Impactful Emerging Markets Internships

Module Overview

The global economy’s centre of gravity has been shifting east for some time now. The ensuing entrepreneurial wave, infrastructure challenges, local culture, and rapid urbanization and development create and highlight interesting challenges and opportunities in these economies. What better way to experience it first hand, than a complete immersion on the ground while doing an internship with a local company here?
Authentica’s internships are unique, as they are:

  • Designed for impact, both on student learning and growth as well as the host organization’s development
  • Supported with lectures and workshops by management consultants and seasoned professionals to enhance knowledge and skills that help you be more effective professionally and culturally
  • Seam-based, both to create a supportive structure as well as to bring complementary skills to take on and deliver turn-key projects that are of real value for the host organization
  • Offered in emerging markets, which provide a powerful platform for personal and professional growth


The internships also cover a vast array of sectors, companies and disciplines. They provide you with a unique opportunity to gain first-hand management experience with seasoned institutions as well as start-ups, social entrepreneurships and corporations, manufacturing units and the service sector. The possibilities are many.
From helping a hospitality company in Hanoi (Vietnam) develop a marketing strategy for a new boutique resort to helping an Indian business process outsourcing company expand its North American footprint to helping a fair-trade textiles NGO develop an e-commerce market place, these internships provide hands-on learning and an intimate exposure to working in some of the world’s fastest growing economies.
Our eight week on-the-ground internship programs not only allows you to get your hands dirty in the workplace, but also allow you to get completely entrenched in the local culture. Unlike a tour that scratches the surface of the country over a few days, the internship allows you to experience local transport, learn the language, go grocery shopping, try the local cuisine, and meet new people. It allows you to explore the country from the eyes of a native rather than the perspective of a visitor. The country grows on you as it pushes your limits and perceptions, until it becomes a part of you.
Students who have completed our internships return to their classrooms with a completely different perspective. The pay-offs are priceless as they take their knowledge and network to a different level.
Authentica’s internships are designed to exceed expectations. It’s not just a learning curve. It’s a paradigm shift.


We’re currently offering these internships in India and Vietnam. In addition to providing internship opportunities in a diverse set of industries, these countries offer the best of both worlds – modern yet rich with history and heritage, large yet safe – allowing the students to get under the skin of the place and become more culturally competent by the end of the internship.

Key Elements of the Program

  • Team-based structure, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary teams with complementary skillsets
  • Project-based structure so students have a clear start and end point for the internship engagement, thereby allowing them to create and tell a more powerful story to recruiters
  • Vetting of companies to ensure a safe and professional work environment
  • Careful scoping of projects that appropriately challenge the students to stimulate growth while delivering value for the host organizations
  • Mentorship and support throughout the internship by management consultants and seasoned professionals; intervention where necessary to get the project / team dynamics back on track
  • Housing in comfortable, safe and well-located accommodations which are not only convenient to their workplace but also offer them the opportunity to experience their local environment
  • Transport facilitation to ensure safe commute between place of stay and workplace
  • Facilitated reflection sessions to use experience and turn them into useful insights and beliefs
  • Cultural immersions to experience and understand the local landscape, context and culture

Educational Outcomes

  • Progress from cross-cultural awareness to sensitivity to competence, with the help of workshops, on-field support, client engagement and facilitated reflection sessions
  • Apply knowledge and skills to create impact in a completely different country and context
  • Understand how the industry works in the country and also how it differs from back home
  • Learn how to collaborate and work effectively in interdisciplinary teams
  • Create a powerful story of impact that enhances the CV and positively impacts career growth

Module Length

The program currently is for 8-weeks in-country but can be customized as per needs, from a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 months. Longer programs will involve a larger scope, with potential for classroom learning that can add to the immersion experience.


Stays are in comfortable guesthouses or hotels.

Transport is by plane or train for intercity transfers and air-conditioned coaches for intra-city movement.

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