Kindness as a habit, not just a random act!

Want to experience the “helper’s high”? Learn why kindness is one of the most valuable virtues you can cultivate and how you can (and should!) make kindness a habit and not just a random act!

What Working Virtually Has Taught Me

How my virtual summer internship taught me 3 big lessons about working, communicating, and bridging the divide across cultures and reflecting on my own experiences

Self-care for International Educators

As international educators, our students’ success is often a priority that precedes all others. It’s a role that requires us to be an expert and an advisor. But the context in which we’ve been operating has suddenly and drastically changed. With COVID-19 on the loose, we’ve all been forced into a ‘safety exile’

Virtual Internships are not just a fad!

Are virtual internships just a second-best option to cope with the current crisis or a unique opportunity to provide long-lasting impact? Before jumping to the conclusion that virtual internships and e-service-learning projects are a current fad, let us look back at such programs before the pandemic